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java and dhtml bells and whistles - image effects
DIRECTIONS FOR GETTING SCRIPTS: This page has links to DHTML and java examples. When you click a link it will open a new window and take you to a working example of that script. If you wish to have the script simply click the link on the page with that example. After you have downloaded your script simply close the window and you will be back at the script index.
Lake and Snow AppletsThese are very useful and can be adjusted.
Multi-Pic Slide Show Configurable slide show applet for displaying several pictures moving in the frame.
Picture Fade Applet Just one of many the Eric Harshbarger has on this page. Check him out.
Quasar This is an applet that makes geometric shapes and has them do different things.
Running Rainbow Applet Make animated dividers or section breaks with this applet.
MS Transition effects The twenty-five effects, such as the opening effect on these pages. MSIE only - Netscape will ignore the tags.
Confetti/Snow AppletConfigure color and a lot more with this falling confetti/snow applet.
Nature AppletA very configurable main image falling snow applet.
Snow Drift AppletThis applet has small falling snowflakes on a background .gif and you can put a personal scrolling message on the screen.
SliderSelectable scrolling direction: left-right or right-left. Single class file for uncomplicated set-up - NO jar or cab files. Multi-image graphics supporting up to 100 images. Easy, fast, clear parameters and set-ups with ample control options. Fully compatible with all standard browsers (Netscape, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc.). Download kit contains all demos, graphics, sound files, HTML, thorough documentation, quick-start.
Thumbnail SlideshowPuts thumnails on in a group and by clicking on them each picture moves to the front in full size.
Slide ShowAllows the user to encapsulate a series of images within a slide show presentation so that visitors may 'flip' thru each picture using the appropriate arrow buttons. Each image may have a title and URL associated with it.
Image FanThis simple animation applet allows you to smoothly cycle through a set of images with a 'fan wipe' effect: the wipes appear as if they were blades on a fan rotating. The applet also allows you to associate a URL with each image in case the applet is mouse-clicked.
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